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Stochastics - includes e-book

Theory and Exercises for 'Sekundarstufe II'

von Künsch, Hansruedi

The one-to-one translation for bilingual teaching

Due to the constant increase in bilingual teaching at 'Gymnasien', the new German teaching aid «Stochastik Theorie und Aufgaben für die Sekundarstufe II » is now available in English.

Stochastics is the new teaching aid for 'Sekundarstufe II' created by the Deutschschweizerische Mathematikkommission (DMK). It is oriented towards the respective maths syllabus. The subject matter for stochastics, including the disciplines of probability and statistics, is fully covered.

This book conveys the basic learning contents and terminology using interesting questions and problems associated with daily life. Each chapter contains theory sections, varied and application-oriented exercises as well as numerical solutions.

? Descriptive Statistics
? The Basics of Probability Theory
? Combinatorics
? Multi-Stage Random Experiments
? Conditional Probability
? Random Variable and Expected Value
? Binomial Distribution
? Hypothesis Testing
? The Normal Distribution as an Approximation to the Binomial Distribution

Other works in the series (only in German language): Stochastik - Kommentierte Lösungen und Ergänzungen

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