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Ladybird Audio Adventures: Rainforests

von Ladybird

Brought to you by Ladybird. Join our intrepid adventurers Otto and Cassandra (and Missy, the smartest bird in the Universe) as they embark on a brand new Ladybird Audio Adventure!In this adventure Cassandra and Missy are off to explore the biggest forest of them all - the Amazon Rainforest. Setting course for South America they encounter some of the planet's most incredible wildlife and discover the reasons why the Amazon is one of the most important natural places in our World. These audiobooks help children learn about their environment on journey of discovery with the narrators Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown, rapper, comedian and writer) and Sophie Aldred (best known for her role as Ace in Doctor Who). Ladybird Audio Adventures is an original series for 4-to 7-year-olds; a new, entertaining and engaging way for children to learn about the world around them. These are special stories written exclusively for audio with fun sound and musical effects, perfect for listening at home, before bed and on long journeys. Other books in the Ladybird Audio Adventure series include Dinosaur Times, Deep Sea Dive, Outer Space, Amazing Vehicles, The Animal kingdom, On the Farm, Creepy Crawlies, The Human Body and The Frozen Planet. Winner of The FutureBook of the Year Award 2019. (P) Penguin Audio 2020

Details zum Artikel "Ladybird Audio Adventures: Rainforests"
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ISBN 978-0-241-48092-2
Autor Ladybird
Verlag Penguin Books
Einband Audio CD (CD/SACD) (CD)
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H12.4 cm x B14.2 cm x D1.0 cm 925 g; 64 Min.
Reihe Ladybird Audio Adventures Newsletter Anmeldung
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